Monday, October 22, 2007

Feels Like The First Time

Let me first apologize about the bad Foreigner references in this post's title and the title of the blog, it shouldn't happen again.

If you want my regular blog, it's called Desultory Views, and you can catch it by clicking the link here in the post as well as the one on the sidebar. I like to think it's a fun, sometimes informative, place to visit and get to know me. It's there to share my everyday type thoughts, views, and observations of the world and life in general and it's an important part of me.

This blog isn't like that at all. This exists for me to get my thoughts together and try and come to grips with issues that have come up in my counseling sessions. This isn't intended to be polite conversation. This is personal, this is emotional, and it will often be raw. Its very nature means there will be pain involved in many of the posts I write. If you can't handle that, please, don't come back.

I will be talking about real issues and real people. I know that will piss off those involved, but my focus and intent is on helping me deal with these unresolved issues and feelings and let go of this emotional baggage I've collected since childhood. Everything is fair game. That being said, I'm not trying to embarrass anyone, and if at all possible I will be prudent in how I write about my topics and the people involved in them.

This blog is finite and will exist only as long as it has value to my healing process. Once I am done, so is this blog. It will be deleted, so please respect the personal and vulnerable journey that I will be taking through this.

Thanks for reading, thanks in advance for understanding, and thanks to all of those who will be supportive. I do this to be a better person and someone my children will look up to.

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Jason Berek-Lewis said...

Crazz, you are a Hero; you are brave, passionate, honest and strong.

You have a forthrightness and a strength of character that I admire.

We are both on a similar journey, not only in comics, but in our personal lives: I am also striving to be the best man I can be so that I can be the best husband to Marianna and the best father to Sam.

Anger is my number one issue - I get mad, frustrated and angry very easily, which is a terrible trait to have when you have just become a father.

Like I said, I admire that you are taking these steps and I am here to support you through your journey.